Six weeks and counting…

Go on, you’re not telling me you haven’t counted the weeks already? You have haven’t you? AND you did it on the first day back!

I look forward to this term. Term 6. Summer is here (although with the recent rain that was hard to believe). The stresses and strains of budget build are over and done with, the budget has been submitted to the local authority and I just wait for their comments. The reality is it is what it is and now I just need to monitor it regularly which is fairly straightforward. Our key stage 4 and Sixth form have taken their exams, and all their exam work has been sent off. The two things I worry about most because I want to get them right are done and dusted. I can breathe again!

This term brings lots of nice things. We are invited to tea parties across the school to say thank you for our help (and if you follow me on twitter you will know how I like a cake or two!) There are sports days and celebrations of achievements. We get excited about our new September starters and wave goodbye to our Sixth Formers who are moving on – (I have already put my name down for a Leavers Ball ticket).

It is a term for reflection. To consider our own personal successes, what we have achieved but also what our children have achieved because we supported and encouraged them.

In a special school that feels even more important. Every single day when you see someone being encouraged to walk down the corridor or to sign what they want or when they come and visit us in the finance office and I can practice my fairly average makaton, it reminds me how privileged I am to work in such an inspiring environment.

Let’s enjoy term 6, then have a good break and start the fun all over again.