With a little help from my friends…

About three weeks ago one of my fellow SBM’s came up with the idea of a SBM Fitbit challenge. The Workweek Hustle involves nearly 30 SBM’s across the country in a competition to see who can manage the most steps.

Little did she know how much of a difference it would make to me. We talk so much about wellbeing and looking after ourselves, but actually doing that seems more challenging!

Three weeks ago we started. I walk the dog daily, and up and down the corridors at school throughout the day. It’ll be a doddle I thought. But then week two came, prize money of £100 for our schools came into play and I became a woman possessed!

I walked the dog twice as far every morning, I trotted up and down the corridors at every available opportunity and then walked the dog with my husband in the evening.

And then this happened…

My resting heart rate improved by six beats a minute. I spent less time swiping through twitter on my phone. I talked to my husband! I slept better. For the first time in a long time I had the confidence to walk further and further. Today I walked more than 10 miles in total, my resting heart rate is bopping along nicely at 66bpm, I feel fitter and better than I have felt in ages. I can see what a huge difference just a little more exercise each day can really make.

So Cheryl, thank you! What started as a bit of fun has certainly helped MY wellbeing and I will definitely try and keep it up.

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