And relax…?

Does anybody else find it hard to wind down at the beginning of the holidays!?!

My contract is term time only, but those first days after the end of term I always struggle to slow down, to wind down, to stop thinking about work. I left school on the last Friday of term with closedown done, works agreed with the site manager and the new budget pretty much ready for governors.

By the following Monday I was at the laptop, wanting to check emails, typing up a new policy that I hadn’t had chance to do last term, comparing the teachers pension grant to our budget planning software calculations, prioritising the jobs that needed doing at the beginning of the new term. I just couldn’t switch off. The opportunity to sit quiet and contemplate is something that you just don’t get chance to do on a normal school day.

That brings about the question, is there a normal school day?!

I secretly envy those full time SBL’s and their boast of quiet offices and cuppas with their site teams. To be able to walk the corridors with no children present. After two mornings of working at home, I popped in last Thursday to take some paperwork in I didn’t want sitting around. It was nice to catch up with the Site Manager, to see some vital improvements to one of our more ‘bouncy’ classrooms which will help keep children safer and staff saner! People away from school life have said this week ‘two weeks off, you lucky thing’ but the reality is you don’t stop thinking about school. It is all consuming. Planning in your head what jobs need to be done first immediately you go back. Life is so quiet when you’re not in school. The hustle and bustle, the behaviour incidents, the pupil who sets of the fire alarms, the medical incidents and ambulances – life is very different away from site! I miss it. I really miss it. Some days it seems so incredibly tough, but I think that is what makes SBL’s love what they do. The randomness of the job which covers so many elements of the schools operations. The wanting to support and help all the teaching staff in what can be a challenging environment. Supporting the rest of the SLT and helping them understand the intricacies of the operational side of the school. I have never done anything else like it (and I have had many other jobs, ask my Headteacher!) I also know that nothing else would compare.

So here, in the second Thursday of the holiday when I have not had the laptop out for 48 hours, have managed to read an entire novel, and have four days of the holiday left, I’m going to say out loud, look out school, I can’t wait to get back!

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