I went to Bett and I wanted to buy…


What an amazing place. What fantastic ideas we have now. How many lovely things do we want to buy our students?!

Today was my first visit to Bett and I was really impressed. What really struck me though was that in these times of reducing budgets and increasing costs, some of these amazing technological concepts will have to remain so far out of reach. Whilst we walked round my Headteacher and I could see fantastic things that our children could hugely benefit from, but we will need to make huge savings in other areas and fundraise bucketloads to make these dreams achievable.

But we will try. Each and every one of them deserve it.

Our PMLD children would be excited by VR headsets. Our top achievers would love the STEM robots and coding stuff, we have budding DJ’s who loved the school radio stuff.

I’m absolutely determined that we will get this for them.

Best I go and find a course on bid-writing!

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