A short gripe about school funding…

I promise it will be short!

This week we found out our per pupil funding from the LA for 2019/20.

It’s slightly less than this year.

I’m doubtful our lump sum will be any bigger either.

On the same day, the trading arm of our LA sent out their annual letter about their cost increases.


Yes, they are giving us a flat cash budget, but their trading arm increases their costs by 3.5%. And politicians and other professionals wonder why School Business Managers are grumpy. We’ll manage it though, that’s what we do.

On a positive note, the lovely Mr Hammond will be sending us our additional capital funding soon. We are very grateful as it means we can replace an ageing minibus with a shiny new one. With school budgets as they are we could not have afforded one otherwise, so I genuinely mean it when I say thank you.

He might not be quite so impressed if he sees the sign writing on it…


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