What are you up to today?

Every morning I am asked this. As I’m putting my coat on to go and walk the dog, my husband says to me ‘What are you up to today?’ Sometimes I can give him a rough idea ‘finishing this months budget monitoring’ or something exciting like that.

The reality is though that as a School Business Manager you never really know what is about to bite you on the bottom! I suspect most people, like me, love the role because it is so diverse. That’s definitely a highlight for me. Having worked in an infants school for three years and then leaving to work for the LA’s SEN department, I knew within weeks that it was not the environment for me. Whilst in mainstream infants the variety was interesting, in an all through special school it is something else!

In my fourteen months in special, I have directed traffic, cleaned toilets, acted as a security guard when the powers gone and the maglocks don’t work, waved at ambulances to let them know which end of the school they need to be at, swept glitter and fake snow off the floor, tried to hunt down missing stock from various classrooms and the medical room, worked in the primary office when staff were off, helped get keys and shoes off the roof, and in between this looking after a £5m budget, 200 staff and 265 children.

At times it is jolly challenging, but you know what? 99% of the time it is bloody amazing!

So, if my husband is reading this and he wants to know my plans for tomorrow, I have a contractor to see at 8am, the PTFA AGM at 9.15 and after that, who knows!?

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