I ordered my dinner in Dutch…

This morning I was invited to secondary assembly by our 6th form lead.

Back in September it was suggested a group of 6th formers might partake in a little jaunt to Belgium. Easy for most schools you may think, but this was our first trip abroad, one child had no passport and had never been away, all had severe learning difficulties. Working with the 6th form lead we sorted out insurance, transport arrangements, liaising with the hostel, supporting a parent with getting a passport for her son and booking the Eurotunnel, purchasing warning triangles and fire extinguishers (only to discover the extinguisher was still sitting in my office after they had left the country!)

This morning I watched the video of their trip and the PowerPoint presentation that they had created.

They’d had the trip of a lifetime.

They had been abroad. They went to the Menin Gate. They played football against Club Brugge on The Peace Field, the site of the truce in WW1. They ordered their own food in Dutch (but were thrown when the waiter responded in Dutch – apparently asking if he wanted fries with their meal!)

What was so lovely this morning was to hear their story, what the 5 of them had done and how proud they were to stand up in front of the rest of their peers and read their presentation. It’s easy to sit in the office and forget what is going on around you, but I think it is important to take 10 minutes out to soak up what goes on in the rest of the school. It was lovely to be invited along, and now we know how easy it was to organise, we should do it again…

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